As a brand ambassador with Little Peanut Boutique you have the opportunity to be featured on our rapidly growing instagram page. You will either be tagged in our post or tagged in our stories. This also means you will be featured in our Ambassador story highlights.

Ambassadors also receive exclusive promotional offers which can include free items and exclusive discounts/sales as well as early access to new products.

1.You need to buy at least one outfit at regular price every month from our collection and you will get 30% off your entire purchase.

2.We  will create a unique discount code with your baby's name. You will then need to promote this code on your social media accounts by posting pictures including our products, tagging us and telling your followers to shop with Little Peanut Boutique using your personalized discount code.

For every 6 purchases we get using your personalized  discount code (Baby's code) we will send you a one-time code to redeem 1 free item of your choice. ( Our system then tracks how many sales your code gets, and the total value of your orders.)

We hope to have as many of you on board as possible. 

Thank you for joining!